You Had To Be There

by Kirstyn Hippe

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Susannah I first discovered Kirstyn's music YEARS AGO, before I knew what wrock was. This album is polished and poignant, and I love the original songs just as much as the wrock! All the harmonies are gorgeous. My favourite song has to be the spookiest, with its atmosphere of tension and the juxtaposition of darkness and triumph reflected in the style and lyrics. Kirstyn has such clever turns of phrase in her songwriting that make this album memorable and delightful. Favorite track: Just A Diary.
Scott Schulz
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Scott Schulz This album features Kirstyn's versions of the songs she wrote for the original I Ship It. Crunchy guitars and drums expand upon her wizardfolk sensibilities. She is an important young songwriter to keep an eye on. Favorite track: Horcruxes.
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V.1 I'm at least 5 hours away from everything I've known Far enough for freedom but close enough to go Home for a well needed vacation from Fending for myself and waking up on my own The city skyline was never beautiful to me Till the day I had to leave V.2 Sitting in a place where I've sat a thousand times Nothing has changed but something isn't right There's a weird kind of aura about these old places Invisible shadows of other times and faces The city skyline was never beautiful to me Till the day I had to leave C Life is a series of "you had to be there"s And I'm scared that I won't be there Cause while I'm off in my own little world Somewhere out there little girls are growing up V.3 Days are moving slowly but time is flying by This is where I'm meant to be but I don't know why and all of a sudden I'm filled with these questions Cause I'm just a kid giving bad first impressions You don't know what you have until it's gone But you pick yourself up and move on (Repeat Chorus) B When is the next time we'll be together Will it be tomorrow or will it be never and how many hearts are you gonna shatter When you grow up and you say the past doesn't matter Life is a series of Life is a series of C.2 Life is a series of "you had to be there"s And I'm scared that I won't be there I think I'm even more terrified That maybe one day I won't care
Broken Wand 04:22
Verse 1 Hermione, tell me please what you're thinking Sometimes when I look at you I think I'll melt Hermione, tell me please what you're feeling You're the one with all the answers, so, tell me Pre-Chorus I know this isn't your standard homework question But I'm dying to know What's the arithmancy of you and me and is it worth giving us a go? Chorus I may be bad with flobberworms, but I could care for you Is it crazy to think that you could love me too I go mad when we're together, more when we're apart It's like you used a broken wand on my heart Verse 2 Hermione, I know this is unexpected But I think we might just have a chance Hermione, think of all the time I've wasted All because I didn't have the nerve to ask you to dance [Repeat Pre-Chorus + Chorus] Bridge I'm sorry if I'm coming on too strong I don't wanna mess this up It's just that we've been friends for so long But if you're ready to try something new I could be ready to spend my days with you [Repeat Chorus x2]
V.1 Hey, just wanted to say That you take my breath away More than any candy store I’ve been to You’re like a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean But a flavor in between the ones That make you fall on your knees and cry I’ll tell you why C I get a sugar rush whenever I'm with you You're like nothing on the shelves at Honeydukes Which may be filled with chocolate and sweets But I know you've got them beat V.2 Hey, you’ve got a way Of saying everything I want to convey Still, you know I will Give it a go for you I'd rather eat Puking Pastilles for eternity Than live in a world where you're not here with me Cause I think we make the perfect team So I sing [Repeat chorus x2] We've got them beat
V.1 I don't want you to want me But I want you to care I don't want you to need me But I need you when you're not there I'm not sure what it is that keeps drawing me to you I don't want you to love me But I don't know what I want you to do C We fly around in circles, never touching down And I stare with envy at the lives led on the ground Cause no matter what we do we'll be among the clouds Where the silence is deafening and my thoughts are way too loud V.2 All of my friends told me We could never last It's not in me to argue but I can't put you in the past My head swims with all that we could be I don't want you to love me But I can't set you free [Repeat Chorus] V.3 I don't want you to love me And I never did All the times you tried I just Ran away and hid There's a wall between us that will never be torn down So I don't want you to love me But I still want you around No, I don't want you to love me But I want you around
Horcruxes 02:43
V.1 I thought we were happy, you were like the Harry To my Ginny Weasley, but you had other plans You found someone new, a hotter witch to screw I took that as my cue to start a band C Now I'm handing out the horcruxes of my broken heart In a cardboard box that keeps tearing me apart Stab them with a sword or set them aflame So you'll never life forever and I'll forget you just the same V.2 I thought you could be all that I ever needed Guess I didn't know how wrong I was So I'll look you in the eye and tell you just why I'm standing here tonight, and it's all because [Repeat Chorus] B Now I know that I never should've let you in But there's still time to decide that I won't let you win [Repeat Chorus x2]
Just A Diary 02:47
V.1 Child, come, tell me your secrets You can trust little old me I would never hurt or harm you My pages are blank, can't you see That I am an open book, no preconceived notions You won't be overlooked by me Just call me diary V.2 You don't know the name that's on my front cover But don't let that fool you, I am a friend, and Don't you listen to that advice from your father My brain is concealed, but your heart's in my hands I am an open book, though you might not remember Who you are when you are with me C I'm gonna set you free Only you know how you feel No deciding what isn't real Pick up a pen and we'll go through this together Just until I can find someone better V.3 You can't recall what you've been doin' But my dear, that's no fault of mine People do some crazy things When their lives are on the line Maybe you don't realize but you've given me a voice Don't look so appalled, child, it was all your choice C.2 I am free, I'm free, I'm free, you set me free But I'm just a diary
V.1 Everyone hates Times Square, but there’s comfort in the lights Everyone hates tourists, but I love the awe in their eyes It’s like they see the wonder that everyone forgot I ignore their shuffling feet because I adore their thoughts C New York City, I’ve been running around like crazy Desperately trying to breathe in everything you’re offering to me Everything is crystal clear as you whisper in my ear “Oh, you have to be here” V.2 Live here long enough, you’ll become hard and jaded, or so they say But I don’t think I could forget how I felt my first day It’s like these mean streets opened up their arms and let me in As if trying to say “It’s time for your life to begin” in C New York City, I’ve been running around like crazy Desperately trying to breathe in everything you’re offering to me Everything is crystal clear as you whisper in my ear, oh B And when the stage is set and when the lights go down And a silence falls upon every person in the crowd I know... I’ve found my home C.2 New York City, I’ve been running around like crazy Desperately trying to breathe in everything you’re offering to me Everything is crystal clear, as you whisper in my ear “There's no reason to fear, oh, you have to be here”


A mix of life, wizard rock, and extended versions of two songs from Yulin Kuang's short film I Ship It.


released June 22, 2015

This album would absolutely not have been possible without Andrew Streeter (and his wife Catherine), who added everything from guitar solos to vinyl static. They made it more than I thought possible and my gratitude is endless.


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Kirstyn Hippe New York, New York

Kirstyn Hippe is a 25-year-old musician and social media manager currently residing in New York City. She wrote songs for "I Ship It," the New Form Digital short film directed by Yulin Kuang, and the CW series of the same name.

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